ISTC Corp is a distributor of automation, connectivity and security products, committed to offering integrated solutions for all industry sectors across the Americas and the Caribbean. For 23 years, ISTC has positioned itself as a leading company in the market offering innovative products and services to our clients.

Our customers are the core of our business so we differentiate ourselves by offering unique services to our clients such as: consulting, system design, project management, technical support and constant training.

ISTC Headquarters are located in Miami, with a strong local presence in Latin America, including offices in Mexico City, Monterrey, Panama City, Bogota, Santiago and Sales Executives in San Jose, Ecuador, Bolivia, Buenos Aires and Sao Paulo.

Meet our Team of Experts!

Our portfolio features more than 100 named brands. We focus on offering our customers the best products and services

Our Mission

To distribute cutting edge security and infrastructure solutions with high quality standards that meet and exceed the safety needs of our customers.

Our Vision

To become the leading security and infrastructure solutions distributor in the Americas.

Our Values



To our job goals 
To our customers’ satisfaction 
To our company’s success


To our companies’ values
To our peers traditions and beliefs
To our customers in any situation

Team Players

We help each other when needed
We offer help when we consider we should We expect nothing in return


We think outside the box
We solve problems urgently
We look for ways to make our workplace better


We are passionate about what we do
We recognized effort and good attitude
We understand that the success of the company starts with us!


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